Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{The Amiable Guinea Pig}

One of my favorite authors is Beatrix Potter. I was about to say, "One of my favorite children's authors," but I changed my mind. She's absolutely delightful no matter how old the reader might be. I love to snuggle up with Little Miss Avery Kate and read about Benjamin Bunny in his clogs and tam-o-shanter, the Fierce Bad Rabbit with savage whiskers, and the naughty kittens who sneak out to make "dear little muffins."

If you don't have her books sitting nearby, take a peek at this limerick. It will make you smile. I promise. Better yet, teach these clever words to a child. It's quite entertaining to hear a wee voice say, "amiable."

There once was an amiable guinea pig, 
Who brushed back his hair like a periwig --
He wore a sweet tie, 
As blue as the sky --
And his whiskers and buttons
Were very big.

Avery was four when I first read her this poem. She laughed so hard that we read it over and over and over. It wasn't long before she had it memorized. When she finally recited it to me, I realized why she had been laughing so hard. She understood the last line to read,

His whiskers and buns were very big.

We're still laughing.
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  1. I really shouldn't read your posts when I am drinking pop. I nearly choked to death laughing...

  2. I love Beatrix Potter too! :) I received an entire set of all her children's books when I was about 4 years old from my grandparents, and I have been in love with those stories ever since. In fact, one of the things I most look forward to for when I have children is reading these books to them. :)

    Lol, I love that "very big buns." XD

  3. G -- Maybe I should include a warning in my intro next time.

    C -- Yes! They are even better when read out loud. Sometimes I try to get away with using a British accent, but that meets with mixed reviews :).

  4. Just darling. How fun it is to have children around!

  5. Of course---she's the best!!! Maybe you should bring Miss Avery over to see my guest room!! She could meet all the Beatrix Potter characters live---well not quite live---in Beanie Baby form!!!




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