Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Like Mama

There are times when I cringe to think of my children being just like me. Naturally it's fun to hear things like, "Oh, she looks just like you!" or "He sounded just like you when he said that!" But who wants to acknowledge the other stuff? Stuff like, "Oh, he is just as easily angered as his mother!" or "Wow. That kid sure is lacking in self control right now. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree . . . ."

Thankfully though, the Lord delights in giving me precious glimpses into my children's hearts that prove to be downright encouraging. A rare quiet moment slipped into my afternoon, and I gathered my Bible, notebook and pen along with a cup of tea. The kitchen nook beckoned me with its sunny warmth, and I nestled myself in a cozy corner, soaking in the moment.

The term "moment" is pretty adequate in describing the amount of time I had to myself. For no sooner had I been swept into a scribbling frenzy than Little Miss Avery Kate suddenly appeared at my side, chattering at a furious rate. I prepared myself for an end to the quiet, but her next sentence caught me off guard.

"Mommy? Can I have a notebook and a pen, too?" She wanted to be just like her mama. So I pulled together her picture Bible, notebook, pen and a cup of tea. She was delighted, and began to quietly scribble alongside her mama. After a few minutes she proudly showed me what she had written. Among the zig-zags and spirals was a sprawling G-O-D. "Mommy, I wrote God!" she announced. "Oh, sweetie! Good job!" I encouraged her.

Yes, it is good. It's good that when she opens the Book she sees God. It's good that even though her mama is often way too errant, her childlike impulse is to write about God. And it's good that God is the One who ultimately beckons her little heart. She wants to be just like her Mama. And that's good, too. Because it's an ever-present, gently nudging reminder that Mama wants to be just like Jesus.
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