Monday, July 5, 2010


Her eyes widened as the drama unfolded. "Keep singing it, Mommy!" She begged. So I continued, watching with delight as her face grew more and more surprised with each ludicrous line. "There was an old lady who swallowed a cow . . . I don't know how she swallowed a cow . . . ." The giggles increased. "A cow? Mommy, do it again!" I dramatically approached the finale, with that poor old lady meeting a sad end after consuming a few too many animals.

Avery was beside herself. "Sing it again, Mommy!" she squealed. Miss Avery Kate squirmed in my lap with all the enthusiasm a four-year-old can muster (which is substantial, I'll have you know), and I began once again with the old lady and that unfortunate fly. My audience of one was eventually satisfied, and she flitted off to find another form of amusement.

As I look over my gratitude journal this week, I am reminded that it takes very little to please a child. And the child who learns to delight in simplicity will daily find herself surrounded by priceless riches.

Highlights from gifts #538-553

*Bare feet in thick, green grass

*Laughter floating into the house

*Drew volunteering to help in Vacation Bible Camp

* . . . and choosing to be in his little sister's class

*Little hands as they measure brown sugar

*Growing bright red geraniums, just like my Noni

*Discovering the bike route to a nearby park

*Homemade bubbles

*Family circling a campfire

*"Mommy, I finished my book!"

*Sheer delight over the old lady who swallowed a fly

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  1. my oldest will be 4 next week so i actually understand that exact amount of wiggly enthusiasm!!! and i love her name, tho in an opposite kind of way: my baby boy's name is avery as well! :)
    yes, if we would only approach him w/ as much faith and enthusiasm as a child. a sweet sweet example.



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