Friday, May 27, 2011

Chocolate Milk Fridays

Fridays during elementary school were particularly special. Not only did they signal the end of a school week, they were also the day when my mom gave us permission to choose chocolate milk from the milk lady in the cafeteria. I could actually walk up to that metal fridge with my little fist-full of change, drop it into that lady's hand and say, "Chocolate, please," just like all the other kids who, I was convinced, had parents who obligingly fed them chocolate milk on a daily basis.

Another highlight was pulling out the school lunch calendar for the month and circling a few days for which we could actually purchase a hot lunch, rather than lug the metal Holly Hobbie lunch box and thermos to school. I found great delight in marking "Cheese Zombies with Tomato Soup and Orange Smiles" or "Weiner Wraps with French Fries and Apple Wedges" on the bright pink xeroxed calendar.

Sometimes I feel like my kids are missing out on the quirky little experiences that make elementary school so unique, from the hot lunches and tether ball matches to the monkey bars and school assemblies. (Assemblies which, I'll have you know, included an Indian chief headdress the year I was elected vice-president. "Pride of our early youth, home of the Chieftains!")

The other day, as I told my kids about chocolate milk Fridays, it occurred to me that there was no reason why they, too, couldn't enjoy such a thing. So this afternoon I picked up a quart of chocolate milk in anticipation of our first Chocolate Milk Friday. Maybe we'll even make it a tradition. I bet I could dig up a Cheese Zombie recipe, too . . . . Look out, folks -- we're really gettin' crazy over here. Now, if only I could convince Drew to wear a headdress . . . .
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