Thursday, September 1, 2011


Her brown hair danced in the wind as she raced, barefoot, down the shoreline. A brand-new birthday kite clenched in her fist, soaring above, Daddy running alongside, close and strong.

My heart, it soared, too. Soared with love for this child, now six, who amazes, delights, challenges and lives life to the fullest.

My dreams, they soared, too. My throat constricted as I dreamed of the future and remembered the past and I didn't care if that meant that I was crying right there on the beach.

Beauty has a way of doing that.

My prayers, they soared, too. Complete, utter gratitude lifted to the only One who could orchestrate the beauty before me. The beauty of a child becoming. The beauty of a life placed in eternity, placed here alongside my eternity.

I longed to dwell in that moment. To keep it, bottle it up and hold onto it with fists clenched tightly as though the kite might get away.

Because the truth is, it will get away.

It will soar on the wind, caught up in a dream that will dance on the wings of wild ambition. My fists cannot contain it.

But eternity can. The One who holds eternity can surely hold a kite string.

So I can let go. I can praise with open hands. And I can let my baby soar.
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