Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Study Aids}

Some people listen to lively music while studying and enjoy the banter of nearby students. Others require a cozy, hushed room with a hot beverage in hand. (Can you guess which one is Jamie and which one is me?)

Miss Kate is emerging as an opinionated young first grader, and apparently has a few study requirements of her own. Hey, whatever works, right?

So how about you? Do you focus best with a little white noise or do you prefer silence?
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  1. I study best when I'm moving and talking (to myself, of course;). Walking around the track is best! Or bouncing on one of those big exercise balls works really well.

  2. I study best with quietness and a pen in my hand!

  3. Yes, I can picture you girls in your elements! I'm also realizing how much I accomplish when I'm trying to *avoid* studying. If I have a deadline, I'm most likely to be not writing but, oh, say . . . scrubbing the toilet or . . . making cookies :).



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