Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Passing By}

My mom, sister and I compared emotions and goosebumps on Saturday and it was unanimous: Parades are so great. And downright emotional, too.

The ceremony, the precision, the patriotism.

Uniforms, rhythm, flash and sparkle. What's not to love?

(If you ask Miss Kate, she'd say that clowns are not to love. "Noni? Please warn me if a clown comes to talk to me." Noni warned.)

For six years I was in marching band, so I was especially goosebumpy when the schools marched by. Plumed hats at attention, white shoes gliding along the pavement, instruments catching the flash of sunlight overhead.

But the most exciting part about this year's parade is that my Bethie took part.

Her gymnastics team sparkled, twirled and tumbled down the main drag, and it was beautiful. She looked so tall and stately. So confident and poised. My girl.

We screamed and waved. She beamed and waved back.

She continued down the avenue and I wanted to follow. I wanted to walk with her for the rest of the route, watching her sparkle and shine. Watching others watch her.

But that wouldn't do. I knew there would be other friends and family members along the route to cheer her on. She could do this one without me.

So I let her pass by. I reveled in the moment, hastily wiped a tear and returned to the other children. Children who had blue popsicle tongues and sticky hands and bags full of candy.

They, too, will have their moments to sparkle and shine.

Moments where I'll watch and let them pass me by. I won't be able to follow.

But that doesn't mean that I can't scream and cheer, wipe the mascara-streaked tears from my face, and revel in the beauty of a child becoming, a child growing up.
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  1. She is such a lovely girl!

    I always cry at small-town parades. There is something so essentially human about them.

  2. Thank you, Gypsy! "Essentially human." I like that.

  3. My kid doesn't like clowns, either. I have no idea why that might be. I think they are cute.

  4. You even had a clown bathroom back in the day! It never scared me :). Rather I was reminded to "Rejoice Evermore!"



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