Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Old Enough}

I was waiting for the perfect time. They had to be old enough to appreciate it, yet young enough to grow up with it. It was a hard window to capture with the girls being five years apart.

But when they came down with the flu just in time for summer vacation, I knew that the time was now. The time to introduce them to Emma.

Not only would I be introducing them to Emma, but I would also be introducing them to the incomparably delightful world of Jane Austen. From here we could move on to Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. And one day they will arrive at the piece de resistance: BBC's Pride and Prejudice. It will be a glorious day.

But two hours of Austen's wit and humor is certainly an excellent start. I ceremoniously poured the tea and nodded to Miss Kate who sat eagerly with the remote in hand. She pushed play and the beautiful strains filled the living room. Drew's eyebrows met in the middle, "This sounds really familiar." I explained that they'd been listening to the soundtrack for their entire lives.

Bethie reclined quietly in the corner of the couch, feverish both with excitement and the flu. I knew she would like it.

It was Little Miss Avery Kate I wasn't so sure about. This was confirmed when she began to vehemently glare at me every single time I laughed.

I laughed when Mr. Elton seemed to appear from nowhere, eager to have Emma's painting framed. Glare.

I laughed when Mr. Elton wormed his way between Emma and Mr. Knightly during their tete-a-tete at the Christmas party. Glare.

I laughed when Miss Bates yelled "Pork!" Glare.

She even glared when I cheered for Mr. Knightly as he escorted Harriet to the dance floor. (Best scene ever.) 

Finally the glaring ceased and the questions began. Questions laced with a fair amount of disgust. "Why is he wearing tights?" (As if nineteenth century fashion was my fault.)

I filled her with tea in an attempt to keep her mouth busy, but she still had quite a bit to say. Right up until the very end.

"Ewww! I did not know that's how people kissed." She walked away, only to return and find Emma and Mr. Knightly at it again. "Ewww! It's disgusting. They keep on kissing!"

The credits rolled. I peeked over at Bethie. She smiled. "Did you like it, honey?" She glowed and nodded. She liked it.

Now, deep down I think my Little Miss kind of liked it, too. You see, about thirty minutes into every movie we watch, she usually starts to quietly act it out. Emma was no exception. Shortly after Emma and Harriet rode through town in their little phaeton, Avery left the room and began to drag in all sorts of props in order to make her own little carriage. She raided the dress up box and soon perched herself gloriously behind the reins.

And she even asked to watch a certain scene over again. (Of course it was the attack at the gypsy camp. I said no. What is wrong with this child?)

I think I'll give her a little more time to acquire a taste for Austen. After all, she is only six. But hopefully it won't take too long. Cause I really want to watch Pride and Prejudice. Tomorrow.
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