Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Cozy Days}

Hunkering down with tea, games and a puzzle today. It feels cozy. There's snow in the forecast. I'll take it.

Bethie and Aidan are alternately playing Scattergories and Dutch Blitz. We're kind of addicted to Dutch Blitz.

Little Miss has decided that she would like to sew some bedding for her doll, so she's stitching away as I puzzle. It's pretty sweet. (We'll see if her enthusiasm outlasts her fingers.) She also did her own hair today. She's taken with the idea of putting two sponge rollers in her hair before bed. The effect is so very . . . Jane Austen. Mrs. Elton comes to mind.

We're filling these long winter days with Christmas preparations and excitement. We'll probably have a cookie making day, and we might hop on over to Noni's later this week to help her roll out the ravioli for Christmas dinner. The kids are also excited for the day when they get to wrap each others' presents. I love their enthusiasm in giving to each other.

Other than a few more Christmas goodies to purchase, our days aren't too busy. I'm thankful. The rest and peace do us good.

How are you filling your holiday afternoons and evenings? Any fun traditions that we should try out?
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