Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{The Problem With Books}

Is that there are just so many of them! Over Christmas break I decided to re-read Little Women, which caused me to re-read Little Men. So delightful. Definitely one of my all time faves.

Often, when I recommend a book to someone, I think, "Oh, I should read that again! It was so good!" But then I'm torn. My "to read" list is so. very. long. I recently brought this dilemma up on facebook. Sometimes it's fun to re-visit an old book. It's familiar and comfortable. But I catch myself thinking that it's almost a waste of time; I should be getting on with something new! There might be a new favorite just waiting for me!

I'm reminded, though, of the value of re-reading a book. We interact with the text on different levels depending on our season of life. I thoroughly enjoyed Stepping Heavenward as a high schooler. I enjoyed it even more as a young mom. I will likely read it again and gain yet another perspective. Like, when I'm old. Life has a way of doing that.

I think it was L.M. Montgomery, author of the beloved Anne books (definitely worth re-reading) who mentioned in her journals that she had just a handful of books while growing up. But they were good books, classic books. She read and re-read and re-read them, and they became dear and personal and treasured. How much more would I treasure, say, Little Women, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice or a Tale of Two Cities if they were the only books I had access to? How well I would know those characters!

Although I just pinned several new books to my list, I do believe that I shall be working my way back through some beloved old stories as well this year. It's been awhile since I've visited with Jane. And I think it's just about time.

What books do you find yourself re-reading? Do share! (Because, of course, I'll be adding them to my list . . .)
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  1. The Anne of Green Gables series is very high on my list. The kids and I are reading the Little House series, so that's a 3rd re-read for me on that series. I'm totally with you though on there being so many books and not enough time. :)

    1. Anne and Laura! Yes -- can't get enough of those girls! :)

  2. I'm itching to reread The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is a challenge though, as I attempt to tackle Les Mis right now, and am loving it, I feel torn between a new read and something I know I'd love! I also think about applying this to my children's more best, or classic and less???

    1. Oh, yes! The Scarlet Pimpernel was such a good one! And you're going for Les Mis. Nice job. I'm looking forward to reading it. Waiting for just the right time to commit :).



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