Monday, June 10, 2013

{The Evolution of the Nickname}

I just shouted, "Thank you, Zu-zu!" out the back window while sitting here in the school room. Little Miss had taken care of something for me, and it was quite automatic for me to call her by her most recent nickname.

Gyo Fujikawa

It got me to thinking about the evolution of nicknames. (My own is Juni, which I hint at in the "About" section of my blog.) I remember, years ago, visiting with some dear friends in a Life Group, and one of the wives beckoned her husband with the endearing term, hunners. Not honey, but hunners. Another wife laughed and said, "Isn't it funny how we make nicknames out of nicknames?"

That's pretty much what happened with Zu-zu. It went something like this.

Avery became Avers. Natural enough, right? 
Avers became Avoo. Her cheeks were squishy then and the "oo" sound simply needed to happen.
Avoo became Voo-Voo. Because it just did.
Voo-Voo became Vuvuzela. Because Drew got her one for Christmas one year and it seemed fitting. The volume and all.
Vuvuzela became Zela. With me so far?

Now, hold on. We're almost there. The combination of the former Voo-Voo and the flair of the exotic Zela reminded me of the name Zuzu of It's a Wonderful Life fame. You know, as in Zuzu's petals. (One of my favorite things to say to Jamie when something needs fixing is, "Paste it.")

Which finally brings us to the creation of Zu-zu. My own Little Miss, currently sunbathing on the lawn in blue shades and flip-flops with her dashing brother, Dayness. Would you like to know how he got that name?

Now it's your turn. Tell me your nickname, and if there's a story to go with it, I'd love to hear it!

Your friend,
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