Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Never Wasted}

This morning I had a long to-do list. I was tempted to jump out of bed and skip straight to the tasks at hand. I could meet with the Lord later. But He quietly guided my heart to reconsider -- not because there would be something sinful about waiting until the afternoon to spend time in His Word, but because today was somehow different. So I shifted the duties around in my mind and realized that it would all still happen. (It always does!) Besides, I knew for certain that time spent with the Lord is never wasted.

Frederick Daniel Hardy 1879

So instead of plowing ahead, I steeped my tea while unloading the dishwasher, and then headed back to my room, mug in hand. I read a bit of Ezekiel, penned some thoughts, then gathered my prayer notebook together. Among the many needs that I lifted to the Lord were two more urgent requests, so I prayed very specifically for them. I closed my books, gathered my things together, and the phone rang. My sister. It was stunning. Wasn't this just what I had prayed for? And then I hopped on the computer and immediately saw another report. My sister-in-law. Again I was stunned, this time to the point of tears. Wasn't this just what I had prayed for?

To think! I almost missed out on the joy of seeing God's hand at work! I know these situations would still have been blessed if I had rushed forward with my day; there wasn't something "magical" about my prayers being lifted at just that time. But I could have missed it! I could have plowed ahead and started my day without seeing firsthand that my God is at work. He is mighty to save, and He wants His people to take part in the thrill of seeing it happen! God doesn't need me to accomplish His mighty acts of love, power, and goodness. But He sure does love me. Enough to quietly say, "Daughter, I have something special for you and your loved ones this morning. Would you trust me and wait?" And when I say "Yes, Father," I never, ever regret it.

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him.
Lamentations 3:24
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