Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{The Trip, Part Two: Filzmoos}

When one visits Europe, it's no big deal to hop around between countries. So it was pretty much a given that we'd be spending some time in Austria. (It was strange to realize that taking a jaunt from Slovenia to Austria is just like taking a jaunt from Portland to Seattle. Minus the Alps. And such.) Also, we're rather addicted to The Sound of Music, and the thought of twirling and do-re-mi-ing was just too much to resist. We had to go.

This first adventure took place right away. Johnny did a bit of research, and he and Krista found a place for us to stay. As we packed our bags and munched on lunch that first Sunday, we watched The Sound of Music at Johnny and Brooke's. Because that's what one does.

And then we piled into the car, Krista and I flanking the car-seated princess in the back. It was a beautiful drive. The word really doesn't do the scenery justice. Rolling green hills dotted with grazing sheep and fiery orange trees against a steel grey alpine backdrop for miles and miles. An occasional church steeple. A castle. I never grew tired of it. (It was also so very clean. I didn't see litter anywhere on the road. I actually started looking for trash, I was so impressed!)

Every once in a while our view was obstructed by miles and miles of tunnels. I'd never really thought about it before, but that's how you get through the mountains. The tunnels are sometimes several miles long. We entertained Kinsley by singing the ABCs every time we hit a tunnel. I just know Johnny appreciated this (frequent) serenade.

As we neared our destination, the hills began to take on a lovely whitish hue. Yes, they were dusted with snow. Just for us! We had decided to stay in a less touristy place than Salzburg, so we chose an apartment in Filzmoos, about an hour away. We arrived in the evening, hungry and tired, but still in awe of the beauty. We grabbed a quick dinner in town at the Pinocchio Pizzeria (Kinsley had informed us that she would like pizza, so pizza it was).

And then back to the apartment.

Our bellhop (that would be Johnny) grabbed our bags and hauled them up the beautiful wooden steps to our rooms. He characteristically turned his head and said, "I hope you don't mind spending the night in the Alps." We didn't.

The next morning we dined on the fresh milk and rolls that had been delivered to our room. I felt just like Heidi! (You'll notice a Lego pac-man ghost from time to time in my pictures. Aidan asked that I bring him along, "Because it just seems like he should go." So I included him in many grand adventures.)

Speaking of Heidi, we're pretty sure we spied Grandfather's cabin on our way up. I even had the very Heidi-esque experience of seeing the Alps "on fire" one morning. Breathtaking.

Now, I'll get to Salzburg in a later post. But for now I want to share Filzmoos with you.

Flizmoos is an absolutely charming town. The weather was perfect for exploring and strolling and simply delighting in the scenery.

One morning we stopped at a cafe for pastries and coffee. Because that's what one does. I asked our server if they had mochas, at which point she stared, vacantly. Brooke explained how to make one, and she was happy to do so. Our server later returned, just to watch us sip for a bit. "I would never think to put chocolate in my coffee!"

One morning we were awakened by the sound of a chainsaw. This wasn't pleasant, but it's hard to be cranky after sleeping in the Alps. I poked my head out onto the deck and, sure enough, the farmer was cutting firewood. Turns out they need quite a lot. Snow and all.

The evenings in Filzmoos were spent around the kitchen table, visiting and laughing, and also trying to connect with our husbands back home. We eventually found an internet signal. On the front steps. Krista and I sat, shivering and emailing on those steps in those Alps. A silvery moon hung in the silent sky overhead, its edges blurred against the vast, star-studded expanse.

And then we tiptoed back up the wooden steps -- teeth still chattering -- to our cozy wooden beds, giving thanks to our awesome God. Because that's what one does.

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  1. You must include this story in a chapter of the book you publish. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

    1. Why, thank you, Ann! "There and Back Again" perhaps? :)

  2. Oh, this is just wonderful. It makes me all achey with remembering our family's very similar summer trip. :)

    1. Achey is such a fitting description, Sarah. I found myself tearing up (again) yesterday. I think it must be joy! (And a longing for eternity?!)

  3. Oh Julianna. We've been listening to David Neveu's piano song "Big Snow in Salzberg" we can picture!

    1. I'll have to listen to that one! I love his music, as you well know :).



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