Friday, December 13, 2013

{A Winner!}

My Little Miss has been curled up this week with her own copy of Little House in the Big Woods. It's such a delight to watch her enjoy those timeless stories! We (Aidan, Avery and I) also finished our read-aloud this week (The Wheel on the School -- such a delightful read), and decided to move on to Farmer Boy next. We're just two or three chapters in and we're already reminded of how . . . delicious . . . this book is! So descriptive and cozy . . . and so much talk of food! We were nearly drooling last night over the ham and the cakes and the pies . . . and oh, it's lunch time and I'm torturing myself. Thankfully, I have a pot of chicken and rice soup simmering on the stove. Hooray for leftovers. (And of course the children have faithfully reminded me that it's Chocolate Milk Friday.)

Thank you for once again taking part in my giveaway, dear friends! We shook our ABC tiles like crazy to determine this week's winner, and I'm pleased to announce that Candice has won a copy of Little House in the Big Woods! (Go ahead and shoot me an email or facebook message with your address, Candice, and I'll pop your book in the mail!)

Have a comfy-cozy weekend, my friends! If not filled with hams and pies, may it warm your spirit and fill you with joy, nonetheless!

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