Friday, January 31, 2014


Last week I was visiting with a friend and, after she had shared some recent struggles with me, she asked how I was doing. I paused briefly. I was actually doing just fine. Was it callous to say so after hearing of her hardships? I spoke truthfully, that I was doing well, and that I was thankful for a quiet season to listen to the Lord and to focus on relationships in our home.

My brother caught me in the cathedral last fall . . .

This week, again, I noticed the sun in the sky, the melody in my heart, the hope in my spirit, and it struck me. This is when I need to be on my knees. When I feel strong, I need to pour that strength before the throne of God and ask Him to show His grace and mercy among those who are feeling so very weak right now. Because if I'm strong at all, it's only the Spirit's power working through me.

I have dear friends who are struggling right now. Friends in the hospital, friends saying impossible goodbyes, friends facing diagnoses and questions and hurts and fears. When I awaken in the night, their names come my way. When I'm elbow deep in bubbles, scrubbing the dinner dishes, their faces comes to mind. When I pull out a book to read, my mind strays to the struggles. And I pray.

Friends, if you're having a good day, pray. Use that strength to praise the Lord and to uphold those who cannot stand. Ask Him for the names, ask Him to show the need. And He will.
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