Saturday, February 8, 2014

{Snow Days, Slow Days}

It's been snowing for three days over in our neck of the woods. It's absolutely wonderful. We rarely get more than an inch or two (if we even get snow at all) so the seven inches blanketed across our yard is a glorious sight. Our days are slow and steady. I needed this pause.

We wake up in a rather leisurely fashion, gather around for a brunchy meal (today I made these super yummy French Breakfast Puffs) and then everyone seems to automatically grab a book and curl up for a bit like cats pondering the day ahead. Then someone will suddenly pop up and say, "Hey! Let's go outside!" So they bundle up and go outside.

They're working on building a fort, playing football, heading to the park, wrestling, collecting snow for the freezer -- whatever strikes them at the moment. I hold down the indoor fort. (Little Miss keenly observed that I'm the kind of mom that watches from inside. She also accused me of having hair that looks "sort of like plastic -- but that's a good thing!") So anyway, I work hard, keeping that hot water on the stove; it will only be a matter of time before they come back in, hoping for hot chocolate or tea.

Before I know what's hit me (although occasionally it's a snowball) it's time to eat again. We gather once again, munch once again and disperse once again. Half of us grab books, the other half head outside. I toss some ingredients in the bread machine and add some more water to the kettle; it will only be a matter of time before they're ready for some bagels and a warm drink. I catch a chapter or two of my book with the Abominable Snowman placidly peering at me through the living room window and Maizy curled up next to the couch, melting with joy every time I scratch her back.

I use the afternoons to accomplish something at least a little bit productive, such as blogging (I've been so hit-and-miss lately!), researching material for a fun Olympics unit in school (the kids are excited to set aside their regular studies for a bit), or organizing the fridge.

The thing is this. I've quickly come to realize that having six people in one house means that the fridge is opened and closed with alarming frequency. Condiment-encrusted items are replaced with jar lids askew (oh, the horrors!), crammed between the eggs and the yogurt (it's toppling, my dear!) and it's just not pretty. I first solved the problem a few months ago by hastily scribbling masking tape labels for each shelf and drawer. This wintery break has given me the extra time to replace them with these cute little labels, found over here.

And then, after sneaking in another chapter or two, it's time to eat again. We gather, we munch and then we kick it into high gear. Time to tidy up, get a fire going and settle in for the evening Olympics. Hooray! I love the Olympics.

All in all, it's a pretty cozy routine. We've even heard that church services have been cancelled, so it looks like the routine will likely repeat itself tomorrow. Aidan suggested that we hold our own services. I liked the idea; Little Miss glared. I wondered if we should go to the 9:30 or 11:00 service. She glared again. I vote for the eleven o'clock . . . with muffins and a fire. Then perhaps we can all join together in a chorus of White as Snow.

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