Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Floods, Fleas, and the Flu}

You know how sometimes you just have to laugh at life? Because, really, that's the best way to maintain sanity. And joy.

The last several weeks have been rather wild with my husband gallivanting about the globe. Slovenia and Haiti and such. It's all good, but it's these situations that remind me of how important it is to be grounded.

Sometimes, however, that ground gets . . . soggy. Literally. Thankfully Jamie was in town when we had to address the leaky pipe out front. Also thankfully, it didn't require digging a trench through the entire front yard. (I was just sure it would be a huge undertaking.)

Aidan, ever the optimist, was downright thrilled. This all took place during a school day, and I figured digging and fixing something was much more practical than diagramming sentences, so I told him he could help. "Tomorrow we get to dig!" They dug. They scooped out the gushing water and eventually found and fixed the problem.

Of course, if Aidan didn't have to do school, Little Miss wanted out, too. She suggested that she might practice her piano for a nice long time instead. I let her. It was poignant to hear her recital pieces (I Surrender All and My Favorite Things) filling the air as the guys worked in the muck. Because it's in the surrender and in focusing on the beauty of "raindrops on roses" and "bright copper kettles" that we see it all as a gift. A flood of grace.

Shall we move on to the fleas now? Not much to report, just that we have a dog who is low-to-the-ground and long and hairy and sweet as can be, but tormented by fleas. Poor puppers. I had to run to the vet for her medication, but I wasn't quite sure when to do that because . . .

My kids have the flu.

(Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . .)

Thankfully they're on the mend (and so is the puppers), but it just took a long time for everyone to get it (the flu, not the fleas). Funny how a week can feel like an eternity. (I'm also thankful for Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music and Pride and Prejudice as we while away the feverish hours.)

I've learned that it's best not to face these trials on my own. At the beginning of the week I asked a few friends to be praying for me, and I truly feel as though I've been carried through each day on cloud-like pillows of grace -- grounded, yet soaring.

(Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings . . . 

I'm so grateful that our Father cares for His own -- floods, fleas, flu and all -- and that His sense of humor toward this daughter often includes alliteration.   

When the fleas bite,
When the pipes leak,
When the kids have flu,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feeeeeel so blue!  

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  1. Glad you are all starting to feel better. That sure does sound like a wild few weeks. My sister-in-law makes a lavender oil room spray that keeps the fleas away. I guess they don't like the smell of it ( fleas have noses?). I sprayed a lavender scent in our house once and Owen asked me "what is that terrible smell mommy!" :) I hope that next week is filled with fun, friends and flowers!

    1. You know, I've heard about using lavender for flea control. I'll have to look into that! And yes -- a week of fun, friends and flowers sounds just about perfect!

  2. If there's something that kids love doing, it's getting themselves dirty! And they finally found a legit excuse to get dirty, while "helping" fix up something. Don't worry about getting dirty though; exposing your kids to things such as this gives them awareness on how the house works, which could lead them in being extra careful and handy around the house when they grow up.
    George Fryer @

    1. This is a great perspective! My kids do enjoy a good mess :o). Thanks for sharing, George!

  3. I guess it’s a good thing that your kids love the mess. At least they’ll be a bit helpful, especially on times like this. What happened to your pipes, by the way? I hope you also asked professional plumbers to check the damage and make sure it won’t be broken again any time soon.

    Gregg Weir @ Capital Plumbing & Heating

  4. I like how you wrote this with a bit of humor, not many people could stay cool and calm in times like those. Anyway, how are the pipes doing? I hope you haven’t had any major problems with it recently. Thanks for sharing this with us, Julianna. Keep safe!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing



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