Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

I love living in Camas, especially in the warm days of spring when friends and neighbors spill out of their homes, blinking at the brilliant sun like the delighted Mr. Mole. I love bumping into a familiar face at the post office, calling the librarian by name, and following garage sale signs, only to discover that they lead to the home of a friend. I love hearing a friendly honk as a car drives by our Little Brown House, and I love spontaneously exploring our very own "Hundred Acre Wood" just up the road with my friends and their children.

Today I loved Camas because I took Aidan and Avery to the weekly storytime at the library. After selecting our books, we brought our lunch through the back door into the hushed courtyard. There, under an arching canopy of bright pink rhododendrons, we had our little picnic, and for a moment, time stood still. Avery, unleashed, cast aside her shoes and skipped across the stones to the merry rhythm of the fountain, while Aidan remained true to his feast, swinging his feet from his perch on the stone bench. We lingered and found rest, there in our happy little spring haven.
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  1. I love your blog entries! You and your sister seem to think very much the same way I do, I constantly try to think of all those happy "hundred acre-wood" fairy-style scenarios as well! I love it! Tea and blankets, herb gardens, crocheting, sunny days, iced tea, happy things! Lol, I probably sound weird, but I love those simple things.
    ~Christina Seifert



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