Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Food Edition

I find comfort in the knowledge that my children, if left to their own devices, will not go hungry. While up to my elbows sorting through the kids' summer clothes yesterday, the dinner hour slipped by. Aidan, not wanting to disturb me, made a "salad" for everyone to share. The ingredients? Rice cake crumbs, pretzel twists, banana chunks and a sprinkling of chocolate chips. He passed around spoons, pleased with the fact that he was feeding his siblings and not putting pressure on mom. They enjoyed their little feast on the front porch and then merrily continued their play with no further dinner expectations. I was tempted to call it good. After all, the "salad" did include items from three food groups . . . . Not to worry, though. We eventually had a real sit-down meal -- Jamie furthered the kind gesture by picking up Papa Murphy's. I love summer.
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