Thursday, June 17, 2010

So What's a Little Rain?

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life. The verdant forests, towering Cascades and rushing Columbia speak volumes to my heart. Even the rain is a soothing friend, especially when I can steal a moment or two to curl up with a cuppa tea in one hand and Jane Eyre in the other. The miniature river-trails it creates on the window panes are mesmerizing. The sound of its steady rhythm on the rooftop lulls me to a peaceful slumber.

But sometimes enough is enough.

I don't have the stats in front of me, but I'm pretty sure it's been raining forever this year. I'm a die-hard girl from the 'Couv, and I love me some rain, but it's our last week of school and I'm still wearing a sweater. Doesn't that seem incongruent? Aidan had his last baseball game this week (one of the few that didn't get called), yet we were still bundled up, sipping hot chocolate and ready to go home so we could sit in front of the fire.

I was feeling quite grumbly about all this, when it occurred to me to observe how my children were handling The Season of Endless Deluge. I realized that not one of them was complaining about the rain. Instead, the resourceful persons have come up with all sorts of indoor activities, games and crafts. (And the house shows it. The floors are strewn with bits of paper, rolls of tape, balls of yarn, cardboard boxes, newspapers, ropes, books, piano music, game pieces -- you name it. The clutter is driving me crazy, really, but I'm trying to be mature and realistic about the whole thing.)

Aidan and Avery made a violin.

Creativity with fridge poetry magnets.

He picks up a new hobby: knot tying. Not what I envisioned when I bought new jump ropes, but I'll take it!

The most popular diversion of late appears to be tracing. The kitchen nook windows have been adorned with dozens of simple line drawings. My little artists lay a second sheet of paper on top in order to create their own reproductions. Their favorite pages to trace have come from some Amish preschool activity books that we've used since Drew was just a wee thing. The thick black lines show up nicely and make for an impressive finished product.

It's been a good exercise for me this week to watch my children. I've made an effort to be more diligent about jotting down the many things for which I am grateful. Because I've learned that the rain doesn't hinder the blessings. It only hinders my outlook -- and only if I let it.

Next week I'll post a bit more about gratitude and how life-giving it can be to chronicle one's blessings. In the mean time, I plan to enjoy some tea, a good book and maybe even a little bit of tracing.
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  1. This would make a great article for Thriving Family magazine. Are you on their freelance writer's list? I think creativity is coming up as a theme in February; this would work great.

  2. It was a hundred here today with 116% humidity (OK, maybe that humidity number was a small exaggeration!). Possibly Dear Friend, that may give you something to add to your blessings list! We stay inside, but for the exact opposite of reasons! I tried to venture out for ice cream today, but it melted before we could eat it... :o( I've ALWAYS wanted to go to the Pacific North-West. P.S. Your children are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Marla, please send me about 20 of your degrees. That should even us both out quite nicely. I remember one really hot summer (we do have them on occasion) when I read a stack of picture books about snow to the kids to try and keep cool! Yes, I'll count "chilly and drizzly" as a blessing :).



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