Monday, February 7, 2011


Today is my Nanee's birthday. She is one of the most remarkable, beautiful women I have ever met. She is the inspiration behind the "June" in Petunia June, and the inspiration behind the following poem, penned last summer. Here's a glimpse into my growing-up years with this entrancing lady by my side.


She wore gold shoes.
Her graceful hands
fingered the menu and
She ordered a Palmer for her,
A Shirley Temple for me.
I was entranced.

Gold shoes skimmed
the boardwalk.
We saw Balboa,
ate frozen bananas,
just like Dad.

Her graceful hands
opened her purse,
found a tic-tac.
My tummy was settled,
and I was entranced.

We visited the mission.
Her graceful hands
cupped birdseed.
The swallows came,
and we were entranced.

She sliced a cucumber thin.
Her graceful hands
dipped it into the vinegar.
My lips puckered, smiled,
and I was entranced.

She came in September.
Her gold shoes waltzed
with my Keds.
Bing Crosby crooned,
we swayed,
and I was entranced.

In the cozy evening glow,
Her graceful, tender hands
worked magic.
My every limb succumbed,
and I was entranced.

She wove stories in the air,
Her graceful hands
speaking a language of their own
as worlds came to life.
I was entranced.

We strolled to the end of the street,
Her gold shoes, my Keds,
Graceful hands cupping mine.
The moon hung low,
A fiery orange, harvest orb.

She said we’d always
remember that night.
We do.
And we are entranced.
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