Thursday, February 10, 2011

{She Wasn't Kidding}

The other day, Little Miss Avery Kate announced her intention to move out of the house. She assured me that she would return daily. For two hours. And then return to her new home. Which would be just down the street. (This was until she realized that it would be more fun to live with our friends, the Knoedlers. I'm still waiting for the okay from Annie.)

I smiled like mothers do when children get such notions.

The next morning during school, three children were busily working away at their sums, prepositions and poetry. One child was not. This is not unusual. Sometimes it's best to let certain people have a bit of solitude. But this was apparently a rather productive time of solitude. When I came upstairs to check on the child who was avoiding a reading lesson, this is what I found:

I guess she wasn't kidding.
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  1. Was her vuvuzela in there somewhere?

  2. I'm dying to know what her next move was...



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