Thursday, June 23, 2011

Knowledge, Health and Beauty

Last summer I wrote about our plan to seize the sunny season with purpose. I plan to implement many of those ideas again this year:

(Seize the Summer)

In addition to guiding my children through goals and dreams for the summer months, I'm eager to focus on my own intentional living. It's easy to adhere to certain tasks during the school year. Checklists and schedules are a given. But what about during those lazy, crazy golden days? Shouldn't even our fun and relaxation be somewhat driven by intentionality? Even if the intent is merely to rest? Shouldn't our days be filled with purpose, no matter the season?

I've already tested out my idea, which is based on a post over at A Holy Experience. It's flexible yet enriching at the same time. And guess what? I want you to join me! Here's the gist. During the months of July and August, I plan to keep a little checklist that charts three areas of growth. (A template can be found here, if desired.) The areas I've chosen to pursue are knowledge, health and beauty. Each day, my personal goal is to include activities or pursuits that meet each of these areas of growth.

Here's an example. On any given day, the pursuit of knowledge might be anything that stretches my mind (which, let me tell you, doesn't take much!) -- reading Scripture, taking notes on a Sunday, memorizing Scripture, testing out a new recipe, putting together a puzzle, writing a letter, reading to my children, playing a board game, etc.

is any pursuit that strengthens my body. Exercise, a decent bed time, and healthy eating patterns would fall in this category.

The last is beauty, which is pretty broad, but I love the "command" to seek after beauty in my day. It might mean working on a craft or organizing a shelf. Perhaps it's giving my girls pedicures or putting together a vase of flowers. Maybe it's a freshly mopped floor or a basket of laundry put away. It doesn't have to be elaborate or time consuming or even artistic. Just the pursuit of something that adds beauty to the home.

So that's my plan. To embrace the golden days in the pursuit of knowledge, health and beauty. The point is not to keep a rigid checklist, but to live in daily freedom and growth. There are no rules, and no one will be hovering or keeping score.

I'll be starting on July 1st. I'm convinced that taking this journey with a few fellow travelers would be an amazing blessing and source of encouragement to all involved. That said . . . who's with me? I'd love to seize the summer with you!

Illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith
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  1. You may count us in! What a wonderful thing to look back, and also to help mold and shape some free form days of Summer! I "heart" you, friend!

  2. Knowledge, Health and Beauty. That so perfectly describes what I want for my family! Thank you for inspiring me!



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