Saturday, December 3, 2011

{Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree: A Book Review by Aidan}

In my last post I mentioned that my children would wake up on Friday morning to find a wrapped Christmas book awaiting them. I happened to find four books at Goodwill, each correlating fairly well with my kids' ages and interests.

This first Friday book, although enjoyed by all, was one that matched Aidan's personality quite well. So he got to unwrap the book. He also asked to read it aloud, which was a delightful treat.

Speaking of delightful, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree proved to be just that. I'd never heard of this story, but upon scanning the pages in the store earlier this week, I could easily tell it would be a hit. It was.

And now I present for your enjoyment, a review. By Aidan himself.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is written by Robert Barry. It's about a man who gets a Christmas tree, but it's too big. So he cuts off the top and gives it to the maid. But it's too big for the maid, so the maid cuts off the top and puts it in the trash. Timm the gardener thought it was too beautiful to throw out, and he brought it back home. His wife thought the tree was too big, so she cut off the top and threw it out the window.

The tops keep being taken and cut off by Barnaby Bear, Frisky Fox and Benjamin Rabbit. Then Mistletoe Mouse finds that it's the right size and brings it home and puts on a star made out of cheese.

I liked Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree because it's funny how all the animals take it and cut off the top until the mouse takes it and doesn't cut off the top. I think six, seven and eight year olds would like this book. Maybe a bit younger kids would like it, too.


How about you? Does your family have any favorite Christmas stories?
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  1. Aidan, I love your review. It really makes me want to read Mr. Willowby's Christmas. And it makes me wonder how many Christmas trees the big tree in living room that we got today could be made into! You tell me on Wednesday, OK?

  2. I meant Mr. Willowby's Christmas TREE! And I also meant *the big tree in OUR living room* . . .
    I'll bet you proofed your review before you posted it. I should have done the same with my comment!



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