Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Week's End}

Weekends always throw me off a bit since the schedule is so different. (You know how I like schedules and all.) December weekends are especially crazy, and this weekend was no different.

We did manage to squeeze in some cozy Christmas activities, though, so I'll get a little link happy with you and share some of what we did and some of what we hope to do sometime soon.

Candy cane cookies. Sigh. The almond extract makes these absolutely, perfectly yummy. I remember rolling out the dough for these treats with my own mama when my hands were soft and little and sweet like my girls'. I also remember tiring of the constant rolling and twisting. Just like Miss Kate. She very quickly resorted to other techniques.

(All Recipes has a version that's identical to the one I grew up with. I did make some changes so that the dough would be easier to work with. In place of shortening I used all butter, and rather than 1 C powdered sugar I used 1/2 c organic sugar and 1/2 powdered. The consistency was great!)

Saturday evening we gathered 'round for a Little House on the Prairie episode. Kettle corn sounded like just the thing we needed to nibble on. I've tried making kettle corn many times and always seem to burn half of it. This time I actually followed a recipe and it came out great. (Imagine that!) I made two batches (one red, one green) and mixed them for a little Christmas festivity.

I followed this recipe, again at All Recipes, using the "three kernel" popping technique suggested by some of the reviewers. I added about three drops of food coloring (don't tell my sister) to each batch and salted the popcorn once it had cooled. So pretty, and the perfect salty-sweet combo!

Oh! And I also played with my hair. (But not while making kettle corn.) 'Cause that's fun, right? My sister sent me the link to this YouTube demo, and she and I have been knotty ever since. Look out!

Here's my variation on the theme. Gotta love a one minute do. (How did pioneer women survive without hair claws?)

These ideas look fun. We may just try them this week:

Reindeer cupcakes over here . . . .

And I love this glittered deer project. How whimsical!

Sweet pipe-cleaner and wooden spool Christmas trees . . .

May your week's end, my dear readers, be blessed and full of the joy that comes from Him alone!
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  1. I think I will have to try to make my own kettle corn too! I also have a difficult time following recipes. Oh dear!

  2. Yes, this time it paid off. I'm usually in a hurry when I cook, so it felt so time-consuming to keep the burner at medium the whole time. But it was worth it! :)

  3. Love the cookies! Maybe that's what I'll make for the cookie swap I'm going to tonight!

    And the hair is FAB-U-LOUS!!!! (Those sweet girls ain't bad either!) ;o)

  4. Oooh, yes! These would be a hit at a cookie swap for sure!

    And thank you for the lovely complement :). I'm lovin' the straightened hair-do you sported recently, too. So cute!



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