Monday, July 30, 2012

{She's Been to Camp}

You know your daughter has been to Bible camp when . . .

1. She casually drops phrases like, "Jesus rocks!"

2. She wanders around singing weird songs you've never heard of.

3. She needs to add a dozen new contacts to the phone.

4. She begins every camp story with, "Oh, it was so awesome . . ."

5. She has a sudden desire to dye her hair. With Kool-aid.

You're glad your daughter has been to Bible camp when . . .

1. She says she read your letter every single day.

2. She says she was thankful that you wrote out the bedtime blessing (which you secretly tucked into her suitcase) so she could read it each night.

3. She tends to her little sister even more lovingly since coming home.

4. She says her favorite part of camp was the evening session. ("Jesse's sermons were SO awesome!")

5. She asks you to read her camp commitment which declares her love and devotion to Jesus. The One who rocks.

Yes, honey. You can go to camp again next year.

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  1. Wonderful faces of wonderful people in those pictures. All of them :)



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