Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{I Knew It}

There are certain eras which speak deeply to my soul. As though I could easily have lived during that time. And most definitely as though I could easily have worn the clothes of that time. Because I tend to forget about the wars and hardships that surrounded the era and instead focus on the superficial. The hats. The gloves. The hair.

Sad, but true.

When I first saw The Music Man as a child, I didn't know what era was represented. But I did know that I sure did like them clothes. When I first saw Meet Me in St. Louis I thought the same thing. Them clothes! I soon detected a pattern. Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, Anne of Avonlea . . . .

(Don't even get me started on Downton Abbey.)

Them clothes!

I eventually figured out that it's the first two decades of the twentieth century that has me in such a swoon. This era speaks to me and I know that I would feel perfectly at home in an Edwardian gown (corset included, I'm afraid.)

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that I actually did live at that time. It all makes sense now. While visiting my mother-in-law's childhood church in Montana last month, the kids brought my attention to a picture of an early Sunday School class. "Mom! She looks just like you!"

I thought, "Oh, how quaint. I'll try to act as though I see the resemblance." And then I actually saw the picture.

It was startling. We all crowded around and agreed. There I was, seated in the first row of chairs, third from the right. I'm poised and ready for the picture while keeping a watchful eye on my mischievous children in front. (Yes, there are two boys and two girls, just as it should be.)

Now I know why my sister and I spent hours making up costumes from this era and reenacting as many book and movie scenes as we could. We are Gibson girls, through and through. Minus the big hair.

Although now that I think about it, the big hair is pretty great, too. I just might have to pull out the ol' dress-up box and attempt a bit of coiffing to go along with it.

Because that would be extremely practical for one who spends her afternoons doing the laundry and making dinner for her family. Don't you laugh. I'm sure that's exactly what my Sunday School doppelganger is thinking about. She's got a roast in the oven and it's gettin' overdone.  
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  1. That is wonderful! It IS you!

    Downton Abbey just kills me for the clothes.

    In my college (Biola) production of Hello, Dolly! we got to perform at the nearby civic arts center and wear professional rented costumes. I had at least four changes, with hats/hairpieces, gloves, and more for each look.The dresses were so heavy! It was a dream come true :)

    1. How FUN! If we can't actually live back then, acting it out is the next best thing. Or maybe even better . . . ;).

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! The evidence is clear! THERE you are! Uh, but does that mean I'm the Noni on the end (and WHO is that with the audacity to be sitting between us???)?

    1. It must be Krista. She obviously has her eye on the other four children. (And don't worry -- Avery says that lady looks too old to be you. Phew.)

    2. Cordelia, that lady on the end looks too grumpy to be you. I think you are in the middle of the second row- behind and slightly to the left of the lady in white with the large white hat... beside Johnny.

  3. Ok, I picked you BEFORE I actually kept reading! Wow- it's uncanny!

    1. I wondered if I should post w/o pointing "me" out to see if anyone else saw the resemblance. Looks like it would have worked! :)

  4. I looked at the photo without reading below and found you immediately.



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