Sunday, August 12, 2012

{Iambic Quadrameter at Its Finest}

Newsflash: It's SUNNY and HOT in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm aware that "talking about the weather" is about as unoriginal a topic as can be. But. We've had some pretty decent summer weather around here, which has made for some fun excursions.

It's also addled my brain, so I shan't write much. Or well.

Nonetheless, I offer a series of rhyming descriptions. Just for you.

The Pacific Ocean has lots of sand;

I can hold it in my hand!

Brother can float in country or city,

While little sister holds . . . a kitty.

Paddling with cousins is lots of fun,

Especially when Auntie and Clara come. 

 Little Boy Blue dangles his feet,

While big brother, Ethan, dries off in the heat.

Two sweet pixies splash in the pool:

While crazy cousins try to keep cool.

The drinking fountain has lemonade;

And dear old Maizy stays in the shade.

The End.
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  1. That's awesome! And look at The Pie- she's not a baby anymore!

    1. I know! You should hear her talk! Such a sweet little Pie.



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