Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{Tuesday Tip: Love Your Missionaries}

Among my treasured childhood memories are those in which my parents invited missionaries into our home. Whenever various missionary families, couples, or individuals were back in town visiting the church, they'd always receive a dinner invitation from us. It was fun and fascinating. I loved hearing their stories, seeing their pictures (projected from slides, of course) and envisioning what life must be like for them miles and miles away where people spoke different languages and wore different clothes. It felt perfectly natural and comfortable for me and my siblings to visit with them and sit with the adults at the table, soaking in the conversation.

Now that we've grown, I realize what a gift this was. It's a gift I want to share with my children as our own friends and family are now on the mission field. One way we support our missionaries is by regularly praying for them. My kids collect missionary cards and post them in their rooms, and thanks to the modern convenience of blog updates and emails, we know how to specifically pray for our friends. (Remember when our only updates came through the mail?! And were typed . . . on a typewriter?!)    

We've made our prayer system fun and simple by conveniently attaching names and days alphabetically (when possible) so we can pray for them regularly over dinner. McMartins on Monday, Trenckmanns on Tuesday, Wagners on Wednesday, etc. In addition to posting their pictures on the fridge, I'd like to eventually create a little visual system that helps us remember requests and see their faces. Maybe a fridge chalkboard or whiteboard or something. I'll have to think on that one.

This past weekend, Jamie and I were in Missouri visiting family for a wedding. (I'll share about our adventures in another post!) As we were getting ready for our trip, I happened to notice a facebook update from one of my parents' missionary friends, saying they had just purchased a home in Kansas City. I had no idea what our schedule would be like, but I knew it would be fun to sneak in a quick visit if we could.

Nancy and I exchanged info back and forth at lightning speed, and it ended up working out perfectly. We were honored to be their very first guests and, even though there were still boxes to unpack and there was furniture to arrange, they warmly welcomed us with open arms (and coffee and doughnuts!). It was an incredible blessing to sit and visit with them (as I had done as a child), to hear about their new adventures and to hear of their love for the Lord and the people among whom they minister. To part in prayer was like a balm to my soul, a benediction over our weekend.

Ernie and Nancy Tromsness with Crossworld

You see, that's the thing about missionaries. They love the Lord, and they love people. Which means they're super fun and encouraging people to be around. If you don't know any, I'll hook you up. I even happen to be related to a few.   

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  1. We were so thankful that you took time to visit. We truly feel blessed and loved to be a part of Glenwood. And I really am grateful to you, Julianna as you keep us all connected through the Glenwood women's site. I have loved seeing all you are doing there. So thanks for all your love and care

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I hope you're settling comfortably into your new home. It was pretty special to be your first guests!

  2. Ahhh, Julianna... I am so glad you connected with Ernie and Nancy! I have always loved them and enjoy being in their company (yours too!).
    Judy Tremblay

    1. Thanks, Judy! I know they're planning to visit Vancouver in the not-too-distant future. It will be fun for everyone to catch up!

  3. That's so wonderful! My kids still talk about Ernie and Nancy and how Ernie taught them to play "Library" when they had dinner at our home!



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