Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{Tuesday Tip: Pocket Workouts}

The other night my mom and I were standing in line at a yummy taco joint, trying to decide between the veggie and the chicken. As we were waiting, I mentioned a recent plan of mine. I had heard of a friend that did push-ups while waiting for her tea kettle to boil, and I thought how brilliant is that? So I started using that boil-and-steep window to fit in a few exercises.

While describing my plan, my mom's eyes widened and her eyebrows shot skyward. She blurted, as only my mother can blurt, "Pocket workouts!" I paused. I scanned my brain for an appropriate response, but nothing came to the surface. Perhaps she was referring to a new pocket guide for workout programs?

Thankfully, her enthusiasm produced an explanation. "I do the same thing! I find little pockets of time in my day and do workouts!" My mom loves to name things and she loves efficiency. So it came as no surprise that she came up with "pocket workouts." It also came as no surprise that she began to demonstrate. "I do lunges when I flat-iron my hair! You know how long that takes." And she proceeded to lunge and straighten her hair with grace and ease while we continued to vacillate between the veggie and chicken. I gingerly demonstrated my calf raises and we thought that waiting in line would be a perfect place to practice pocket workouts. If it wasn't so embarrassing.

Although I don't tend to do pocket workouts in restaurants, I do find that the boiling and steeping of my afternoon tea is an ideal window in which to fit a 10 minute strengthening routine. I jotted down a few exercises and posted them above the stove. So now, when Polly puts the kettle on, Polly gets movin'. I begin with some barre exercises (using the counter as my "barre") to work my legs, and then move on to a series of push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, calf raises, chair dips, and squats.

Ideally I try to find two or three other windows throughout the day to do the same reps, but even if I don't, I figure that 10 minutes during high tea is better than nothing . . . right? Of course the kids make fun of me, but they're probably just jealous of my rock solid core.

* * * * * * * 

Speaking of children, you will be relieved to know that my worries are over. (Read about my embarrassing history in my last post.) My son is so much more capable, willing, and level-headed than I.

Speaking of capable sons, Sunday was a day full of blessings for me. It was a joy to watch Drew on drums during morning worship. It was especially meaningful since it was Father's Day, and my dad is the one who got Drew interested in the first place. Boy do I love these guys.

Sunday also happened to be our 18th wedding anniversary. As Jamie says, we now have an adult marriage. I still feel like I'm playing house, waiting to grow up. But maybe that's just how life is. I sure do love this man. And my, but we were young.

May I share one more thing? My sweet patooties had their piano recital last night. I was so proud of them. They practiced for hours and hours and did a great job. Aidan learned "He's a Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean just for me, and he rocked it. (He rocked his other songs, too, but I just love that he chose that one for me.) Little Miss was determined to learn five songs for the recital ("Is that a record, Noni?") and boy did she "Let it Go." She plays with such poise and confidence. Sweet babies. I'm thankful they love it so much. 

The piano hasn't been quiet today, even though the recital is over. It must be in their blood. That's totally okay with me.  

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