Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dancing Shadows

The longer the kids are cooped up, the more creative they get. Of course I don't want them to remain cooped up in an attempt to foster more creativity, it's just an observation. In fact, we just might make it out of the house in the next day or two (as long as I can keep my own sniffles at bay . . .).

But the kids are finally healthy and have recently discovered a new diversion. The other day, in an attempt to do something mathematical with a rather contrary five-year-old, I pulled out the overhead projector. (You know you're a homeschool mom when your last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are, "Ooooooh! Overhead! That will be fun!")

So out it came, along with the pattern blocks. She was thrilled with the idea of seeing her patterns projected onto the living room wall. I had been keenly aware of the fact that there is still absolutely no artwork on that particular wall in our home. But maybe that's not such a bad thing for now. Hexagons and triangles, parallelograms and squares danced shadows across the void, projecting the visions of my child's mind.

Aidan was sick the day I pulled out the projector, so he wasn't aware of the new activity. Poor thing -- the next morning, when he was himself again, he saw it sitting in the living room and asked, "Was I gone yesterday?" I reminded him that he had spent the day on the couch. The light of recollection dawned, and he merrily plopped down in front of the screen to create.

The kids have continued to create for the last few days. At first they followed very basic quilt-like patterns, adhering to pattern block "rules." That is, the shapes fit nicely together, lying flat on the surface.

Today, however, Aidan realized that he could think outside of the box. He proved that what appears on the glass screen might look a bit unconventional -- blocks stacked and askew. But when projected by the light, it is transformed into a work of art. And that's how he made people.

But not just any people. Rolfe and Liesl people. Dancing. With a telegram.

That's my boy.
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  1. AWESOME!!!!
    I think I should get myself a used overhead projector.
    Ab would love it.

    I wonder what the areas and perimeters of Rolfe and Liesl are?



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