Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Piercing

She's been waiting for years. Yesterday, it happened. She woke up smiling -- beaming, really -- and engulfed me in hugs. "I can't believe it's today!" she squealed. Her tenth birthday, the day of . . . The Piercing.

We drove to the mall where we met Noni, Auntie Krissie, and cousins Olivia and Alainna. Alainna, too, had been waiting for this moment and would receive the much desired adornment.

There were butterflies in their tummies and nervous little giggles as they waited. Indecision over which posts to choose. Should they go with their birthstones? Or matching flowers? In the end, they both decided on the rainbow crystal daisy.

Up into the chair went Bethie . . .

Oooh -- that hurt a bit more than expected! She's halfway there, though . . . .

Phew! Mingled relief and joy. She did it!

Now it's Alainna's turn. Much moral support . . . .

And it's done! As if the new holes weren't enough, we found matching hats on this Day of Accessorization (I'm not sure if that's a word). "Just the kind I've always wanted!" Bethie gushed. (Did I mention they were on sale? You know how I love a sale.)

Now, aren't these girls precious?
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  1. Yes, they are. Almost makes me swoon. I think it runs in the family.

  2. Very pretty!
    (But don't tell my kiddo- her Day of Accessorization is in 2013!)



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