Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Bread Crumbs

I appreciate clever writing. Of course it's normal to find witty words in books and articles and poems. But lately I've been keying in to another fun source: food. Have you read your food lately? Take, for instance, bread crumbs. It never occurred to me to read a bread crumb label because, well, with bread crumbs you pretty much know what you're getting.

Well, one afternoon I found that my supply was depleted. So I figured I'd try and make my own. Which lead me to read my bread crumbs to determine just what made them "Italian Style." Turns out the Whole Foods bread crumb people are not lacking in the creativity department:

Bread crumbs are very useful -- just ask Hansel and Gretel. Our Italian style bread crumbs are made from scratch and are perfectly seasoned with parsley, onion and garlic to create a light, flavorful breading. A true pantry staple, you can roll almost anything in them from chicken and fish to tofu and asparagus. And you know what to do if you ever get lost.

Now, I don't see myself rolling tofu anytime soon, but this description made me smile. Who would've thought that bread crumbs could be so fun?
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  1. You must have gotten those bread crumbs from Trader Joes! Their food labels are always clever and engaging. :)

  2. And the Trader Joe's Flyer--that's a fun read!

  3. You're close, Sarah! These were actually the 365 label at Whole Foods. But I agree -- TJs labels (and flyers!) are very fun to read :).



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