Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Powum

The other day Miss Kate was working on a reading lesson. She came to the word "poem" and stopped abruptly. "Where's the 'L'?" she demanded. "There should be an 'L'!" She grabbed a pencil and wedged an 'L' between the 'o' and the 'e.' "There. Polem."

She's my fourth child. All four of them have thought that the word poem was pronounced polem. I'm beginning feel self conscious about my diction.

But poor diction hasn't kept Miss Kate from penning eloquence. I share with you her latest, followed by a translation:

bethie powum

bethie concked my head

with a oerdumit yestrday

on chrismis i wusit very

mad bcus it didit hrt

not atal but

the tree wobold
intel it fel over
and brok the


dad was mad SO mad

the next day derw
took a pesol and

pooshed it in my

nail it rily hrt

and the next day aidan

poosht me in the pool

by and by i

thru up on
the cowch wal wocheng

A (rather necessary) translation:

Bethie Poem

Bethie conked my head
With a ornament yesterday
On Christmas I wasn't very
Mad because it didn't hurt
Not at all but
The tree wobbled
Until it fell over
And broke the ornaments
Dad was mad SO mad
The next day Drew
Took a pencil and
Pushed it in my
Nail it really hurt
And the next day Aidan
Pushed me in the pool
By and by I
Threw up on
The couch while watching


By and by, I feel compelled to add that none of this actually happened. No wobbling Christmas trees, no excessive "pooshing," no conked heads. Just plenty of Kipper. And just a girl who is coming to grips with the word polem no longer existing. So she writes powums instead.
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  1. I love the "by and by I..."

  2. So sweet...glad it's preserved!

  3. Yeah- the "by and by" was what got me. So hilarious.



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