Friday, July 1, 2011

And We're Off!

Looking forward to sharing this joyful rhythm of "Knowledge, Health, and Beauty" with you this summer, my friends!

Today I enjoyed the beauty and health of a wonderful picnic lunch prepared by my dear sister (who understood how wiped out I'd be at the end of Vacation Bible Camp!). As for knowledge? Let's just say it was an absolute delight to open and share the Word of God with twenty third graders this week!

How are you pursuing these today? Might you share? We'd love to take a peek into your heart!

(And have a happy Fourth!)

Illustration by Kate Greenaway
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  1. I experienced all three when I picked strawberries with my boys this morning. The health of fresh strawberries, the beauty of picking what God so magnificently created and the knowledge by doing the math to figure out how cheaply I was able to purchase my strawberries by picking them myself. :)

  2. I love it, Gretta! Sounds like a very yummy day :).

  3. This has NOTHING to do with your post! Just wanted to say what delightful daughter you have - she is a sweetie and I just wanted to eat her up with a spoon every single day of VBC! She was a bit shy, liked staying near her leader and didn't like participating in the games but on the 4th day that changed. I saw her little competitive side come out and it was HI. LAR. I. OUS! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  4. Karen, thank you for loving and caring for my Little Miss! I wasn't sure she'd survive the week, but by the end she was ready to go for another week :). I so appreciate your influence on her life!



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