Monday, January 23, 2012

{Operation Simplicity: Almost There!}

I'm nearing the end of January, and, barring unforeseen obstacles, I should be able to finish my kitchen organization in time. Yippee! Let me tell you, this has been a revolutionary experience. Even the children have noticed a difference. ("Mom! I can reach the plates!")

I'm also thoroughly enjoying Organized Simplicity. If you have a chance to read it, please do. Tsh draws our hearts to the importance of determining what our family's purpose is. From that frame of mind, we choose the events, activities and purchases to which it is appropriate to say "yes." If it doesn't support the goals we have for our family, we say "no." It's that simple.

On Saturday afternoon, Jamie and I visited with the girls over hot chocolate and coffee. I asked them what some of their favorite family activities are. They listed things like hiking, camping . . . and going to JJ Jump. (Guess which one was Avery's.)

Our goal is to simplify the clutter so that we can enjoy more of this family and people time. Although we haven't yet sat down to determine our "official" family purpose, I know it will center on serving the Lord and His people. I want room in our lives for people. Not things.

In my de-cluttering efforts this weekend, I tackled the pantry and baking "center." (It's not so much a center as it is a corner. Here's the "before" version to the left.) It was helpful to take everything out and view my spaces with new eyes. I could rearrange the shelves! I could lower them or raise them to serve a new purpose! I could put the canned goods in an entirely different cupboard! And I did.

I transferred the baking goods I use most frequently into one cupboard. I can stand in one spot and easily reach my flour, oil, sugar, etc. My oil used to be above the microwave and therefore a bit hard for me to reach. Since I use it daily, that seemed rather inefficient.

I adjusted the shelves in the other cupboard to accommodate the height of the oil bottles. I can now reach them with ease. Funny how such a little thing can make a difference. I whipped up our Sunday scones without leaving that one little corner of the kitchen. It was lovely.

I also decided to try out a little turntable for my most frequently used baking items. I love it! It's cleared up and simplified the space significantly. I transferred my baking soda to a jar since it fit a bit better in there than the box did, and I like the nice, clean look it creates. Ta-da!

We took a load to Goodwill this weekend and ran a few errands. Although we are trying to purge rather than accumulate, I did find something at TJ Maxx that I just had to buy. A step stool! It's a lovely, compact little folding thing that fits right next to the fridge.

Avery can easily use it to wash at the sink, and I can grab it when I need to reach the up-high stuff. I can even reach that crazy cupboard above the fridge! I really love it. Ask my family. I've been raving about it non-stop.

I'm always motivated on Mondays to kick it into high gear. Today I was a whirlwind of activity, especially since my January goal is within reach. I listed out the few spaces I have yet to conquer and will take this final week to finish them up. Which, unfortunately, includes going through forty-one place mats. I'm not kidding.
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  1. O go to JJ Jump!! Tell them you are jumping for Lucien and Sydney. A family from Vancuover has a deal with them for a fundraiser...



  3. What a refreshing and helpful organizing post. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  4. Oooh . . . thanks for the heads up, Jessica! Good to know!

    Thanks so much for reading, Barb!



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