Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Week's End: Feet, Fondu, and Filing}

About the feet:
Yesterday morning, as I was curled up in an unusual Pilates position, I had ample time to observe my feet. Specifically, my heels. (I probably should have been focusing on my core, but that might have been the moment when the dog attacked my face and I got a bit side-tracked.)

So anyway, as I was foot-gazing, I was amazed that my little heels were handling this winter weather so well. They aren't dry and cracked as they frequently can be during this time of year. How is this possible? I'll tell you.

With regular pedicures being quite out of the question, I started my own simple little foot regimen a few years ago that has proved to be quite successful. And it only requires two things of me:

1. I keep a pumice stone in the shower and regularly give my heels a little scrub.

2. Before hopping into bed, I lather 'em up with a nice, thick coat of Neutrogena hand or foot cream.

That's it! It's so very simple, and it really makes a difference. Just a little recommendation for you, should you find yourself twisted into a position in which your feet meet your face and it proves to be rather discouraging.

About the fondu:
My parents are hosting the boys this weekend for a little cousins "retreat." I know they're having a blast. (And I know they're in great hands. My mom opened the front door to receive them with a whistle around her neck and the camp schedule posted on the door.)

Naturally, we decided to have our own little party at home last night. With cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. (Aidan is allergic to dairy, so we don't typically serve a large pot of cheese to the family.)

While I was dropping the boys off at Camp Into the Vortex, Jamie and the girls whipped up a delicious fondu spread. We had a delightful dinner, stabbing breads and meats and veggies and dunking them into the cheesy deliciousness. We watched Meet Me in St. Louis, and for the most part the girls were able to stab and watch simultaneously.

Things took an unexpected turn when Avery tried to dance to "The Boy Next Door." Her foot somehow landed in her sparkling marionberry drink, dumping its contents all over the table. Thankfully she wasn't wielding a fondu fork. We hastily mopped it up and resumed stabbing.

About the filing:
I found an idea that I think might work well for the stack of papers that is looming on my kitchen counter. As I continue to sort through my kitchen cabinets and drawers this month, I'm very aware that there's still a pile in the corner, just waiting for me. It's like a little imp mischievously whispering, "I'm still here! Ha! Thought you could ignore me, huh?"

I really didn't know how I was going to handle the mess, but this system over at Simple Mom just might be the ticket. April Perry writes about "Clearing the 'Counter Pile' with a Tickler File." It took me a minute to figure out the flow of the system, but I think I just might get me some cute little folders and give it a try.

So that's what I'm thinking about today. Feet, fondu and filing. Which is very convenient. I've always been fond of alliteration.

Do you have a filing system that works well for you? Any thoughts or recommendations?
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  1. Oooo- I love systems! You'll have to tell me how it goes.
    And then tell me what to do with all the owners manuals I have that I certainly must keep because I'm sure I have that watch somewhere...

  2. Well so far . . . I found some pretty folders that match my kitchen. The fun part is always easy to do :).



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