Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There are many things that bug me. Many things. For instance . . . .

1. When walking through the kitchen in my socks, my foot unexpectedly meets with a puddle of water. This I don't like.

2. When entering the kids' bathroom, I see a brand new tube of toothpaste half squeezed out. This I really don't like.

3. When brushing through my child's hair, I find a nest of gum. This I really, really don't like.


There are many things that delight me. Many things. For instance . . .

1. Understanding that the puddle of water was created by an ice cube that fell out of Miss Kate's water bottle. She likes her water to be so cold: "As cold as Neptune!" So she calls it Neptune juice. This, I like.

2. Understanding that, in her excitement to move on to something else, Miss Kate accidentally leaned right on top of that toothpaste tube: "Honest, Mom!" This, I really like.

3. Understanding that the gum will come out. It's come out before. It will come out again. And this time, big sister offers to do the job. From the peanut butter smearing right down to the thorough bathing. This, I really, really like.

All it takes is a shift.
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1 comment:

  1. Julianna, I love your babies- and I've never even met them.

    And I love your perspective too!



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