Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{Did You Know?}

Did you know that . . .

Silly bands have been known to improve test scores? I'm almost certain I read this. Somewhere.

And did you know that packing up a house is quite an adventure?

There are diaries to uncover, trophies to flaunt, love letters to blush over, and . . . a number of teeth in little baggies to be disgusted by.

Why did I save my kids' baby teeth? (Don't worry. They have now been tossed. And you may not tell me that I will regret this, fellow teeth hoarders.)

(I also saved my favorite earrings. From the 80s. Bethie is thrilled. I am now officially a Very Cool Mom.)

But did you also know that moving can be dangerous? It's true. Because some moving boxes also double as time machines and transmogrifiers.

My child might be swept into a different era. My child might be changed into a dog. Or a dinosaur. Or a cat.

Well, at least I'll have their baby teeth to remember them by.

Oh, wait a minute. Drat.
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