Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes all we need is a little motivation. It's quite handy that Miss Kate's name covers all of the basic school subjects.
Arithmetic is obvious: that would be math. Voyages? That's how we sneak in history and geography. English is pretty basic, too, with reading, writing, spelling and such all falling into that category. "Recreation" represents pleasant play time, and "Yes, Mommy!" is a reminder to do it all cheerfully. Each task completed comes with a sweet little candy. So far, so good.

Got me to wondering how much housework I could get done if I used my own name filled with M&Ms.

Hmmm . . . let's see . . .

Just keep folding that laundry.
Under the table? Yeah. Really should sweep that.
Lift up that toilet seat, grab the brush, and start scrubbin'.
In case the family gets hungry, have a menu planned.
After feeding all those people, do the dishes.
Need to get groceries now that they've eaten.
Need to keep on folding that laundry, too.
After doing these chores all day long, do them again.

On second thought, I might need something a bit more motivating than an M&M.
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