Monday, March 25, 2013

{Lessons from Sunday School}

Aidan was very impressed with Sunday School this week. This was due mostly to the fact that the Bible story was acted out in class by "LEGO dudes." (His term.) What a great teacher.

Inspired, Aidan asked if he could recreate the Palm Sunday scene for me. With LEGO dudes.

They happened to be Star Wars figures, which made for an interesting triumphal entry.

Jesus (who bore a remarkable resemblance to Luke Skywalker) came into Jerusalem on the donkey, overturned the tables in the temple, healed a blind man, and endured some grumbling from the corner of the high priest (who bore a remarkable resemblance to Darth Vader.)

Apparently Aidan plans to continue this form of storytelling. This evening while cleaning up, he designated a whole box to be devoted to the amusement.

Little Miss was also very impressed with Sunday School this week. She's casually dropped the name of a certain boy a few times today.

She even devoted a portion of her evening to writing a play in which she is the princess and he is the prince.

This is alarming because:

1. My seven-year-old isn't supposed to know that boys exist.
2. She should be thinking only about the Bible in Sunday School. That's all. Period. Amen.
3. It's possible that she's already met her future husband. I had.

Tonight, after reading me her play thus far, Little Miss attempted to calm my fears with a reassuring sketch of this boy's character: "Don't worry, Mom. He's one of those boys who pays attention in class."

Why can't we just stick with LEGOs?   
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  1. What part does the Rancor play? Pontius Pilate? Inquiring minds want to know...

    1. I'm pretty sure he was being sold in the temple. Along with the droids.

    2. Ahhh. I see it now. Silly me.

  2. Have three finer words ever been put together than "Bible Story Kit"?



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