Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Star Wars and Sunshine}

He wanted a Star Wars party with his friends. I said yes. He began to list (in great detail) the many light saber games and duels he planned to stage. I started to pray for sunshine. We both got what we wanted.

Friends, let me tell you something. The Lord cares about the small details in our lives. As we prepared for the party, I prayed that it would be special for Aidan and special for his friends. We pulled our ideas together, and Aidan wrote plans and "bulletins" like crazy (he wanted to hand out programs).  But I still wasn't sure what to do about party favors. I searched Pinterest for ideas and quickly ruled out the option which involved the mother dressing up as Princess Leia. I saw something about using swim noodles as light sabers, but they looked too floppy and I wasn't sure how they would work.

Well. Two days before the party, I had an hour to zip into Fred Meyer and come up with something. I prayed. Often when I go shopping I pray for wisdom and decisiveness (I desperately need both). This time I prayed that a really fun idea would pop into view. And fast. Almost immediately, I saw the noodles. I pulled out a lime green tube and the wheels began to turn. We could cut them in half. And decorate them with duct tape. Boys love duct tape. Voila! A craft and party favor in one. Thank you Lord.

The day dawned beautifully, and Aidan's eyes shined the entire time. The light saber creations and ensuing battles and games were a hit (literally), and I was extremely thankful that Jamie had a few youth group game ideas up his sleeve that could be turned into Jedi training experiences. We weren't wanting for diversions, that's for sure.

As Aidan finally bid his friends goodbye, I again thanked God for the day He orchestrated and for the boy we celebrated. From the friendships and sunshine right down to the "bulletins" that Daddy helped print and the lime green noodles that became super fun light sabers, the Force certainly was with us. And I didn't even have to dress up like Princess Leia.
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  1. Oh, c'mon... I taught you how to make Princess Leia Cinnamon Rolls out of a towel years ago at a Mariner's Game...

    1. So true. So true. And we have pictures to prove it!

  2. Yeah... don't show them here, ok? :->

    The party looks like it was a total hit- I LOVE the green pool noodles.



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