Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mummies, Panda Cake and Patrick Henry

My Little Miss Avery Kate loves to read. She has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of taking part in the summer reading program through our local library. Each time we log her reading minutes online, she has an opportunity to share a brief review of books read. I found her most recent summaries to be rather entertaining:

Mummies Made in Egypt
by Aliki

"They take a dead person and then they put it onto a table and then they cut the person that's dead on their belly, two cuts, and then they put some sort of cloth in them. And then they leave it and it dries up."

(I like her distinction here. They cut the person that's dead. Not some other person.)

Panda Cake

by Rosalie Seidler

"A mother panda was going to make a cake. And then she asked her boys to go to take some food so she could make some cake. And then the baby pandas, they left and then the recipe was apples, bamboo shoots, honey, eggs, cherries, sunflower seeds and then that's all. But the younger cub went off to the fair! Without spending any of mama's money to buy the food! And the other baby panda spent mama's money on the fair. He got no cake."

(I'm not sure which is a worse fate. Two cuts in the belly . . . or no cake?)

Now, lest you think I have two children named Little Miss Avery Kate, I will confirm that this sweet book-loving girl is indeed the same child who often puts up quite a fuss at bedtime. Yes, there are times when she crawls cheerfully into bed with a stack of books at her side. Alas, these nights are few and far between.

The other night was definite proof that this mama needs to be in earnest prayer.

Miss Kate's eyes narrowed, revealing a pair of steely beads. Arms folded tightly across her chest, hair framing her red face like a wild mane, she stomped her foot and shouted, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

My pixie got no books that night.
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  1. I could see the look in her eyes, the arms crossed--the look of determination. But the proclamation caught me off guard! Hilarious!



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