Monday, August 1, 2011

Cousins Camp! Day 1

A few weeks ago my sister and I decided to create a little "stay-cation" for our kiddos. We settled on the first week of August, which is turning out to be an excellent choice. The weather has been absolutely perfect and promises to stay that way. Hooray! It's finally summer in the Pacific Northwest.

For day one we headed up to Lewisville Park. The kids spent most of the time splashing in the Lewis River. And asking for snacks. And showing us old fishing hooks and looking intrigued rather than duly frightened when we said scary things about tetanus.

Clara was comfortable with the river . . . as long as mama was nearby.

Miss Kate likes her comfort, too. Although she did impress me when she fell in the water at one point and went "All the way up to here!" (pointing to her shoulders). She giggled and spurted without making one little cry. This girl's growing up.

In addition to the eight cousins, we had two other guests with us, all the way from Haiti! See the little paper doll girls? They're visiting for a few weeks, and will return to Haiti with some pretty fun stories to tell. They are very polite little girls and enjoyed their time at the river tremendously.

After the last of the Capri Suns had been guzzled, the cousins finally hugged each other goodbye. It was easier saying goodbye today. 'Cause it's always fun to part with the promise, "See you tomorrow!"
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