Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cousins Camp! Day 2

We were a bit groggy this morning after so much fun in the sun yesterday, but as soon as I said, "It's time for Cousins Camp!" the kids popped out of bed and downed their cold cereal. (I think they were a bit relieved to find that we were running late, though. That meant that mom didn't have time to make boring old oatmeal.)

Today we kept it simple and low key, partly to pace ourselves lest we all collapse on Friday, and partly because our afternoon schedules held other commitments.

My sister, Krista, had noticed that the movie theaters are running their summer deals for kids. It seemed pretty perfect that Kit Kittredge happened to be scheduled for this week. So we met at the theater, paid our dollar a head, and filed in. We rarely go to the movies, and it was a first for my sister's kids. Accordingly, there was substantial ear-plugging during the first few minutes. But once they grew accustomed to the volume, they settled down and did really well. Even little Clara sat dutifully on her mother's lap and enjoyed the show.

Although I've seen the movie a few times, it never ceases to delight me. Such a fun story, an endearing main character and uplifting sentiment. Add a stellar cast (Julia Ormond is always beautiful and Joan Cusack is always funny) and it makes for a great show.

A quick taco lunch back at our place and we parted ways. I wish I would have thought to say something cheesy like, "That's a wrap!" as The Cousins piled in the van and drove away. You know, movies . . . and tacos . . . get it? (Cue cricket chirp.)

Well, until next time, when I hope to give you an exciting account of our adventures on the Lacamas Lake trail. Cheerio!
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