Friday, August 5, 2011

Cousins Camp! Day 5

In which I am hoodwinked into taking ALL of the cousins to the park. So my sister can go shopping.

I couldn't resist. The truth is I offered to take the kids so my sister could get some groceries and grab the goodies for tonight.

The grand finale of Cousins Camp was a quick play time at the park in the early afternoon followed by a late afternoon rest (in our own homes) so we could gear up for the last hurrah: a hot dog roast and movie night at Papa and Noni's.

It took quite some time to make our way to the park. This was largely due to the fact that Miss Kate insisted on roller skating. The whole way. Those skates are really noisy.

There were also a number of scooters to reckon with. But we made it there and back again unscathed, and the kids had no problem filling the time with all sorts of activities.

Then we went to our respective homes and rested. I didn't even have to tell the kids to do it. They voluntarily sequestered themselves. I guess we really needed it.

We gathered again in the early evening. The weather was amazing. The dogs were roasted to perfection, with Papa tending the fire and coaxing the most ideal glow from the coals.

Chins dribbled with watermelon as we laughed over yesterday's deception and reveled in the beauty of being together.

The roast was followed by a movie in Papa and Noni's basement. We had all agreed earlier in the week that The Apple Dumpling Gang would be a fun choice.

We settled down, dimmed the lights and snuggled on pillows. Partway through the movie Noni surprised the kids once again. No, she did not alter her appearance. She simply whispered to Papa, who pushed pause, and said it was time for dessert. But not just any old dessert. Apple dumplings.

The kids rolled their own dough and added the filling.

After they had baked to perfection, we added a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Mmmm. Deliciousness.

Finally, the credits rolled, and "The End" followed a goofy Don Knotts and Tim Conway across the screen -- a rather appropriate symbol for the last day of Cousins Camp.

We had a great week. And we'll definitely do it again next summer. But for now, we're all completely wiped out. We've bribed the children to sleep in, and don't plan to wake up until sometime next week.

So the biggest question now is this: Who is the most exhausted?

The cousins?

Or their mothers?

I'll let you decide.
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