Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cousins Camp! Day 3

In which The Cousins (and their mothers) become cranky.

Day three, and our stamina is being tested. Turns out that agreeing to meet for an adventure and pack a lunch at a specific time each day is a bit draining. Fun, but draining. The kids (and their mothers) are still very excited about Cousins Camp. They're just getting sleepy. And cranky.

That said, we had a lovely little walk along the Lacamas Lake Heritage trail this afternoon. In lieu of a traditional post, I will offer here a list of observations.

1. Hiking during the heat of the day is not ideal. Especially when wearing black capris.

2. Stepping in dog poop is not at all glamorous. It's gross. Mothers aren't supposed to do things like that. But sometimes they do.

3. Little boys enjoy dragging their feet as they walk. It makes a lot of dust. It's very annoying. Especially when the mothers must apologize to the bikers who pass by, coughing and choking in disgust.

4. Sunburned shoulders will likely chafe when a five-year-old demands to be carried piggy-back style on her mama's back.

5. This unpleasant sensation is rivaled only by the discomfort that comes when the child begins to slip down her mama's back, bringing mama's hair and aforementioned black capris . . . southward. (It is at this point that mama ignores her maternal instinct and opts for modesty instead. She drops that child.)

6. It takes a substantial amount of time to alert eight children that a biker or jogger is coming up from behind and that everyone must move to the right. Immediately. No, to the right!

7. When a child offers to take a picture of the mothers, she will likely not care or notice that one mother's eyes are closed and the other mother's mouth is open.

8. The mothers will get a better picture if they snap it themselves.

9. Another unpleasant sensation is that of being eaten alive. Beware of vicious bugs or plants that thrive on ankle flesh.

10. Two miles seems like a very long distance when one must deal with items one through nine. A very long distance.

I wonder if the kids would be terribly disappointed if we suggested a lengthy napping session for tomorrow's event instead of miniature golf. Think they'll go for it?
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