Thursday, May 2, 2013


This afternoon we closed the books, hopped in the van and headed down to Fort Vancouver.

The sun was warm and a light breeze danced across the hazy blue as we enjoyed a frolic through the 1840s. Drew and a friend were busy capturing video footage of the Fort for a Washington State History project, so we let them do their thing while we enjoyed a pleasant saunter through the various shops and surrounding gardens.

The Fort is not without its modern touches; the QR code threw me for a time-traveling loop.

Can you spy three little people in the center window?

The blacksmith shop (left) and Indian trade shop/hospital/doctor's office/residence. (Very efficient use of space.)

The carpenter's shop proved to be most entertaining (although Little Miss does look like she's in pain).

Our guide, Lee, knew his stuff, and the kids came home bubbling with new thoughts and ideas. There was a whirlwind of conversation at the dinner table tonight as everyone tried to share with Daddy (simultaneously) what they had learned in the shop.

But I think some of my favorite moments on days like today are those in which new thoughts take root . . .

 . . . and inspire.

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