Thursday, May 23, 2013


My to-do list has been way too long this month, but I've done a mighty fine job of crossing things off. March, march, marching through my day I attack and cross, attack and cross. And I call it a success.

I've done such a good job that I don't have time for anything else. Like people.

Mary Cassatt

And the realization of this hurts.

I pour a cup of tea and am led to others who feel the same way:

I need to rest. (And not feel guilty about it.)

I need to choose peace. (Even when it's messy and things don't get crossed off my list.)

I need to allow the "floods of trouble" to make me "better not bitter." (And oh, it's raining today.)

You, too, my friends? Let's sip our tea and bask in the goodness of the Lord. We might not get to algebra and those sentences might not get diagrammed and we might not have the energy to scrub that toilet. Again. But there are more important things. More important people. And time spent with people? That's exactly how Jesus spent His time. I think of the many "human interruptions" He endured following His cousin's death (Mt. 14), and the way He continued to give and speak and minister. Because His heart was with people.

And His Father called that a success.

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