Thursday, May 30, 2013

{That Kind of Day}

Perhaps it was my fault for serving oatmeal. I've tried to vary the morning menu a bit lately and thought it would be safe to re-introduce the oats after a brief hiatus. Little Miss thought otherwise. Upon seeing me stir something in the three-quart Revere Ware this morning, she knew exactly what that meant.

She glared. She groaned.

I combated it with a spoonful of sugar: "I'm going to add lots of yummy stuff! Like apples and cinnamon and vanilla! It will taste just like a cookie!"

More glaring. "The kind of cookie I don't like."

I kept at it with the Mary Poppins bit and served up. Her glare deepened when I handed her a bowl, although I didn't think it was humanly possible.

And then she leveled me. "I want more."

Oh, it's been that kind of day, folks. We're finalizing our school work, I'm madly pulling together Drew's freshman portfolio, and I have a bazillion other things on the brain. Not the least of which is my daughters' recent enthusiasm for fabric crafts. "We're gonna make a quilt!"

This morning I suggested that Bethie could be Avery's substitute teacher while I graded Washington State History for Drew, an arrangement which they both found to be pretty fun. For the most part. They steeped their tea and snuggled on the couch while reading their Bible . . . and then fought over math. Such love.

As I graded, Aidan and I came across one of Avery's papers. Aidan shrieked, "She's talking about a Corgi wrap!" And pointed to her title. We were horrified to think of her sweet little mind putting dog meat on lavash, until she put us at ease. Apparently it was supposed to be a Corgi Rap.

You've heard it said that punctuation saves lives. Well, apparently the absence of w's does, too.

To top it off, we prematurely ran out of toilet paper. This is likely due to the fact that earlier in the week we ran out of Band-aids.

Did I mention it's been that kind of day? I could go on. But I'm just too tired. So I won't. 

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  1. The corgi wrap made my day. I hope the lyrics to the corgi rap are forthcoming.



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